Head 2 Head New Boards Arrived!


The new boards arrived!

After much deliberation, hours on the internet researching equipment and probably too many hours watching videos on youtube, we all came to the conclusion that Starboard was the right equipment to use for the challenge. Steve, Killian and John went for the 14'0 x 27" All Star, and I went for the 14'0 x 28" All Star for the extra bit of buoyancy for the extra bit of weight!

We were really excited to get the new kit. We had been training through the winter on our older boards which were fantastic, but were quite heavy and sluggish and difficult to catch bumps on. Steve and Killian were using crossover shaped boards which were much harder work so the fancy boards were a welcome addition.

Once we got them out on the water it was incredible. They are light, responsive and catch any little bumps. So much fun and we noticed our training stepped up as a result.

h2hnewboard3 h2hnewboard2

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