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Head 2 Head Training Week 15

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Killian, Peter, Stephen

Met on South Strand at 10:30 Calm conditions Plan was a 3 hour paddle So we had the boards a couple of weeks now and we were keen to get the momentum going again. John couldn't make it but he was planning similar training the next day in Dollymount. Killian got in the water at Skerries Rock and paddled around to meet myself and Pete at the Springers. Based on a lot of research we were focusing on paddling for periods of time rather than distance and with calm conditions we headed out the back of Shenick towards Lambay with an aim of getting as far as around Rush and turning around after about 90 mins. We were all in good spirits and our preparation was good with everyone carrying food and water and a call in to the Coast Guard to let them know our plans. It was a cracking day and for early March it was remarkably warm, too warm to be in a full wetsuit so I went for the shortie and I think the other two would like to have done the same. As we approached Loughshinny, Killian wasn't feeling great which was probably a combination of the heat and maybe not enough hydration. That's my theory anyway and I think my bluntness on the day gave Killian a chuckle, especially when he is a seasoned Ironman and well to put it bluntly, I am not !!! Anyway, the main thing is that we learn something with every trip and this really highlighted the importance of nutrition, hydration and preparation to all of us.We pulled in to Loughshinny for a quick break with Killian grabbing an extra few minutes to get sorted while myself and Pete headed towards Rush. It wasn't long before we were all back together before we turned back and headed for Skerries. We did our 3 hours and had a really good paddle. Still really keen to get the 4 Starboards out together and hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

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