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Head 2 Head Training Week 16

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John and Stephen

The calm after the storm The bank holiday took its toll with Pete away fishing in Kerry and Killian entertaining guests so myself and John headed out. The wind had been wild (25-35knots westerly) all morning and it was due to drop around midday. It didn't quite go to plan but did drop at around 14:00 so we headed out around 14:30. We didn't really have a plan as we were conscious of the wind that had been there earlier and were slightly worried that it might pick up again so we decided to spend a couple of hours paddling between Skerries and half way to loughshinny. It turned into a really nice afternoon with the wind kind of behind us on the way up and about 15 knots against us on the way back. As we passed the Rugby club there were a few knee high waves that we couldn't resist so we played around in them for about 20 mins. We then paddled to the Springers, took 5 mins for water and a snack and then back to the half way to Loughshinny point again. On the way back this time the waves were even nicer, a little cleaner and a little bigger and it would have been rude not to make the most of them so we caught a few more. For 14 foot boards they catch a wave nicely but maneuvering on them wasn't easy. At this stage the weather had got even better and we paddled back to the South Strand in calm sea with the sun shining which isn't a bad way to end the weekend. Great to get out, really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one. On a bit of a Tangent it is probably worth mentioning that we have upped the ante on our overall training. Monday has become swim night for the last 4 weeks and most of us are running at least once a week and there have been some cycles too. Morning paddles are also starting to kick off and as it gets brighter in the mornings and evenings we should be able to get out ⅔ times a week. There is also lots of research into training plans happening and we seem to be getting some good momentum going.

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