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Head 2 Head Training Week 3

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09/10/16 Dave, John, Killian, Peter, Stephen

Same crew different route. The conditions were perfect for mid October with the “yellow lad” out and only a gentle breeze. We knew we needed to mix up our training so the plan was to start on the south strand, paddle around the head to the north beach and do some sprint sessions. There seems to be a common theme with us and planning though so we ended up paddling out the back of Colt, St. Patrick's, Shenick and back instead. We did up the intensity though with Pete setting off at pace from the start. The conditions were testing with some really messy chop out the back of the islands but we all got through it, but not all of us enjoyed it. Dave used some choice words to describe how he felt about it when we got back to the beach. The real positive was that we picked up the pace from the first two weeks, albeit on a shorter 7 km paddle in 80 mins. The pace was the focus of the post paddle chat and the feeling was that we might need to switch from crossover to race/touring boards to start getting a better sense of whether can hit the average speed of 8km (or more) that we need to be at. The tides were another topic of conversation, the more we paddle the more confusing it gets.

Maybe a pint and a chat with some of the more experienced locals might be the way to go!!

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