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Head 2 Head Training Week 6

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08.01.17 Peter and Stephen

Tide high at 7:30 Departed at 7:50 South strand to Balbriggan and back It's a new year and hopefully a new start for us. As I open Basecamp to add in the updates it dawns on me how we have lost some momentum. The last time we trained together was 2 months ago which I check a few times in disbelief. Now that the silly season is over I feel it's time to really get going and with 28 weeks to go there is still plenty of time to prepare and plan. Sickness took its toll this week leaving just myself and Pete paddling but glad we went out just to get things going again. It was a day off firsts, first: - Training session of 2017 - Time training on our 14ft boards - Paddle over 10km - Porpoise sighting (for me) - Training in flat calm conditions We set off at 7:45 when it was pretty much still dark and headed off for Balbriggan. There was a 10km westerly forecast so we decided the best route was to hug the coast rather than cutting straight across. We had a good catch up on the Christmas madness that had disrupted our training and then on to the more pressing subject of where we are at with the project and getting things going again. Despite the flat conditions the tide played it's part again causing a lot of drag around Barnaghera. As we approached Balbriggan Pete spotted a playful porpoise which was amazing to see. We then landed on the beach at the back of the harbour to loosen up for 5 mins before heading back. As the wind never showed up we took a more direct route back heading straight for the lifeboat station and despite the tiredness and thirst kicking in at the end we were 15 mins quicker on the way back. You learn something new on every paddle and this trips lesson was that we need to sort out water /food containers. Both of us left bottles back at the beach cos we had no way to carry them and we paid for it. Won't be making that mistake again !! On that note I'm off to research the best options for carrying water/bags while paddling.

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