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Head 2 Head Training Week 8

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Skerries to Balbriggan return Stephen, Pete, John

I'll keep this one fairly short, mainly because it's two weeks since the paddle and I'm struggling to remember any details. We had a nice early start on the South Strand getting ready in the dark and setting off before the sun was up. Killian was meant to be with us but he slept out so the three of us headed off to Balbriggan. We still haven't figured out the tides and the whole area around Skerries seems to be hard to work out but it felt like the tide was against us going up on a very calm morning. We took a quick break on Balbriggan beach before heading back on a more direct route which took about 15 mins less than the trip up. As we went around the head we took a very direct route through the rocks which didn't work out for John as his fin clipped a rock and he cracked his paddle in two trying to break his fall. We seem to be comfortable enough now with a 15km paddle so time to up the anti now which will need more planning and more training.

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