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Head 2 Head Training Week 9

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Skerries to Loughshinny and back Killian, Pete, Stephen

We kept the paddle short this week as we headed ¾ of the way to Loughshinny and back. The wind was in our face but the tide seemed to be helping us so it balanced out. We stopped off on a little beach just north of Loughshinny for a quick break and Pete spotted a really cool Fossil. We grabbed a couple of snaps of it and headed back out to take advantage of the wind on our backs. Killian had the GoPro with him for the first time so hopefully he grabbed some nice footage. Luckily for me it was turned off as I came off my board like Bambi on ice. The wind we were hoping would bring us home was great for about 20mins before dying off and leaving us with a bit of a slog against the tide to get back. Another paddle under our belts and a great spot by Pete to see the fossil.

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