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Head 2 Head Training Weeks 11 – 14

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Week 11 - 12.02.17

No training due to adverse weather conditions

Week 12 - 19.02.17 Peter and John did Gael Force and I did 7km on Saturday and Sunday We met for coffee and planning on the Sunday morning

Week 13 - 26.02.19 Stephen, John and Peter did about 3km in strong and gusty south westerly We paddled to rugby club and downwinded back a few times before the wind picked up even more. As we chatted on the beach the boards started lifting so we called it a day on the paddling and did some fitness. We did 5, then 10 , then 15 , then 10 then 5 of the following Push up Lunge Squat & then added a 100metre run and a 20 metre swim at the end of each one

Week 14- 05.03.19 We were a bit disjointed this weekend as travel arrangements took their toll but we all got out. Pete and John headed out on the Sunday morning, Killian in the afternoon and I took advantage of the brighter evenings and did a 7km.

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