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Head 2 Head Training Week 2

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02/10/16 Dave,John, Killian, Peter, Stephen Rush to Skerries

So Rush to Skerries part 2 but with a bigger crew. It was great to have Killian with us after him missing last week and Dave has joined us. He's still not sure about doing the Hollyhead paddle but he's keen to be involved and great having him on board. Larry is away in Portugal lapping up the sun but the weather is being very kind to us today with the suncream being lashed on in October. We had the tides all worked out, leaving at 11:00 with the high tide at 12:30 so it would be with us all the way. We had some snacks and even a drop of water, it was flat calm, it was perfect and we were going to tear strips off last week's time. Or so we thought. For starters we hadn't quite got the tide right , in fact we got it very wrong to the point that it felt like we were going nowhere. To add to it, two small bottles of water between five lads for two hours of paddling in the sun didn't exactly cut it. The porpoise came out to laugh at the “clowns on the SUP's” again so at least we are giving him a good laugh. It was great to be out on the water though, the sun was shining, the water was calm and the banter was good. We learned lots again though. Our knowledge of the tides and local conditions needs done work, the training regime might need to be mixed up and the intensity picked up.

oh and we need to bring more water !!

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