surf shot 1• Our mission is simply to give surfers the basic foundation to encourage growth in their surfing. We incorporate ocean knowledge, water safety, and fun while exploring Skerries and surrounding areas.

• The only prerequisite for learning how to surf is knowing how to swim. So there are not many excuses, we have taught every type of person to get involved and enjoy the sea.

• We are great with kids and love teaching them about surfing and the ocean. There is a need to be considerate to our other students and the safety of the child while surfing. We ask is if the child is 9 years old or younger and surfing in a group lesson that the parent or guardian are in the lesson themselves or on the beach to help as needed.

• We can also accommodate larger families or groups of friends with multiple instructors. Reunions and company parties are a great excuse to go surfing. We offer these options to ensure that you get the surfing lesson that you are looking for.

Standard Surf Lesson €40 Per Person (€30 under 16’s)
In this lesson we teach you the basics of surfing. The lesson lasts 2.5 hours and takes place on whichever local beach is suitable on the day.
In this lesson you will learn:
• The parts of your board
• Safe water entry
• How to paddle prone (lying down) on your board
• Basic pop up – how to stand up and surf
• Identifying open water hazards

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